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Report from the Mision Trip to Rovinj, Croatia

We departed on March 22 and returned back on March 28, 2013.

This school year, the mission training at the School of Missions and Theology took form of the mission trip to Croatia.
We had communicated to the Czech missionary Jure Dohnal who arranged for the students activities in Rovinj and surrounding area.  The participants of the mission trip worked hard both physically (in the garden) and spiritually (in the churches).

We have been preparing for the trip since the beginning of the school year. The students were searching for information about Croatia, praying regularly for details and weekly practicing the skits for the outreach.  Every student was involved in some of the following evangelistic skits: “Give Me Your Heart”, “Chair of Sin” or “Lifehouse”.  These were directed by Mareliz Marx, the teacher of dance and music from South Africa.

During the mission trip our students visited Pentecostal worship services in Pula, Poreć, Rovinj and Labin.  In Pula, they also were involved with street evangelism; they performed “Give Me Your Heart” and “Chair of Sin” and talked to by passers.  The Holy Spirit has used us and brought ten teenagers right from the street to Christian Youth Club. We pray that God would continue his work in the hearts of the people we spoke on streets.

The last evening of our stay, we participated at the worship service led by missionary Jure Dohnal.  One of the songs “Sve što trebam, Ti si” (All I Need Is You, Lord) got stuck in our minds and hearts. Except for the spiritual ministry described above, the students were working in Jure’s garden.
A few strong students dug a drain for an electric cable for a „mission hut“ meant for Jure’s visitors.

In order to work, we (18 people) had to buy and cook our own food. We stayed in a small prayer house with just one toilet/shower room.  We fought and we won!

Our students approved themselves to be people with the potential of God’s servants.



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